Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Finds - The Bunny Trail

There's something about bunnies... for me, all year round, I think that nothing gets much cuter than a fuzzy, floppy eared bunny. And now it's officially bunny season! Here are some of my current favorites...

Ok, I admit I don't know if these guys are bunnies or something from Fraggle Rock, but I LOVE them! Little mopsy bunny by Zygopsyche.

These little bunny soaps are made from goat's milk, and are way too cute to use. By KcSoapsNmore.

These gift tags are so sweet you might not even need a gift with them! By KileyKoala.

Every basket needs a bunny, and I'd love to find this one in mine. By Danielleorama.

Put this in my basket, too! Grown-up bunny necklace by imogeneANDannie.

Happy Bunny Day, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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