Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baltimore with Babes: The Parkside

photo credit: Beer in Baltimore

It is Friday night, after a loooong week and all you want to do is go have a good dinner with seasonal food and a really good beer. Oh, but wait, I have a two year old and no babysitter. What’s a girl to do? Go to the Parkside! Brainchild of former Brewer’s Art employees Chris and Colleen Cashell and Vickie Johnson, the Parkside offers great food and beer and most importantly for me, there is a child’s play area. There is a fun selection of toys for the kidlets, a cool little set of stairs to climb on and even coloring supplies for your little artist. We were able to have short spurts of adult conversation while waiting for our meal and watching our little guy party like it was 1999. Best of all we experienced no eye rolls for enjoying one lousy beer with our kid. The food we have had there is not always consistently great, but the effort is there, the ingredients are fresh and the beer is good and cold. The Parkside now offers bottomless Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas during Sunday Brunch. They are located in Lauraville near the corner of Harford Road and Cold Spring Lane.

Written by: Juliet of The Broken Plate

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Elisa Shere said...

Thanks for the warning, I mean, recommendation! ;)