Thursday, October 8, 2009

Twenty Things: Starflight Designs

Twenty things you didn't know about Michelle of StarflightDesigns

1. I have 3 pets; a 5 year old dachshund-Rocco, a male cat-Phoebe, and a turtle-Clarence. (He's named after Clarence & Alabama in one of the best movies ever) which brings me to...
2. One of my most favorite movies of all time is True Romance, followed by Swingers and Goonies.
3. I could listen to Fuel for 24 hours straight and still get chills when I hear 'Sunburn.'
4. I met my husband when he was 16 (i won't mention how old i was)
5. I have been to Italy twice and am dying to go back.
6. I still love glam rock. i am a huge Poison fan. I have seen Poison or Bret Michaels (shaved armpits and all) in concert almost every year for the past 5 years. (and several times in the 80's)
7. My 23rd birthday ruined Sambuca for me. I can't even smell it without wanting to vomit. Unfortunately when our relatives get together, they like to do shots of it!
8. i love using antique/vintage pieces in my jewelry. luckily i have a mother in law that keeps me supplied!
9. i have had the same job as a graphic designer/art director for over 8 years. (not sure if that's good or bad)
10. i have a major craft addiction. just about every night when i get home, i make something. for the past 3 years, its been beaded jewelry. previously it has been-soap, candles, mosaic frames, wired things, goes on and on.
11. i love sushi
12. i love almost any vegetable. my dad is VERY picky, so i was deprived of most vegetables when i was a kid, now i love almost all of them, except peas...but i love split pea soup.
13. i wish i could relive my college days. those were some of the best days of my life!
14. i have a coffee addiction.
15. i have a fear of seeing dead fish, or most dead animals for that matter.
16. i hate being cold.
17. i hate being hot.
18. i LOVE reality TV.
19. i had several jobs when i was a teenager, one of my favorites was being a barista at Gloria Jean...this may be the cause of #14.
20. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE crafting!

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Sweet Pepita said...

Goonies is one of my faves, too. We didn't see too many movies in the theater growing up, but my cousins and I saw that one together and I'll never forget how much fun we all had!