Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Finds!

Fall's here and already, its gone to the Dogs!
I find as the weather changes, my mini dachshund, Mason, and I spend more time outdoors. The cool weather inspires longer walks and more frequent trips around the park. Which got me thinking... if I pick up a new fall wardrobe & new bedding for my own cool weather nesting, shouldn't i do the same for him?

Eco Dog Coat by AnniesSweatShop

Snuggly Pug Alien Hat by Jessicalynneart

Dog Sweater by PawPad

The Great Pumpkin Dog Hat by BeanTownHandmade

Unique Tough Dog Bed Cover by Bow Wow Beds

Post written by: greenstarstudio


Ian Logsdon said...


My dogs won't let me put clothes on them, they pull them off immediately then look at me like I'm going to murder them in their sleep for the rest of the day.

lady elle said...

hahahahahahah I love this post!
that first coat (the pink and gray version) has been on my etsy faves for the longest for our little London, thanks for reminding me!