Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Minute Halloween

photo by Monica Lopossay

Last year, the lovely Heather Von Marko of HVM Designs came up with an awesome list of last minute Halloween ideas for The Baltimore Sun. If you're still struggling to figure it out, you just need to take a peek at her suggestions to find something perfect!

My favorites involve the use of a cardboard box...

photo by Monica Lopossay

Robot: Take a cardboard box, glue on plastic cups and random doodads, and then make a hat out of a shoe box with some pipe cleaner antennae.

Stick of Gum : Paint a longer box pink, or make a sandwich-board-style stick of gum.

iPod : Paint the box whatever color you want, add a paper plate with the little arrows and such drawn on with marker, draw the screen - even add your favorite band and song in the field.

Head on a Platter: Get a plastic platter from the party store, cut a hole for your head through the box and the platter, add a tablecloth to your "table" and some plastic silverware as a place setting.

Lego: Paint the box a solid color, and use round plastic takeout containers painted the same to be the round nubs. Hot-glue them on, and you're done.

The easiest cardboard box costume: Draw on wide ribbons and be a wrapped present. You can make a big bow with strips of cut paper.

For the complete list, read the The Baltimore Sun article.

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