Friday, October 9, 2009

Plush You 2009!

As I write, I am "work-cationing" in Seattle; jointly enjoying hang time with my brother & sister and joining my brothers-in-plush arms at Plush You 2009! I can't wait for tonight, for the opening, where I'll finally be able to put faces with the names of all the amazing plush artists I've only met online, and to reunite with artists I've met at Plush Yous past... no doubt, all of the submissions will be innovative and beautiful. I imagine everyone participating put very careful thought into the planning and creation of their plush works of art, and i was no exception.

Yes, if you're gonna hang in an internationally reknown show such as this, you don't go into it lightly. So, after much thought planning, I came up with these three OoAKies (who, for those who like collecting random trivia, are based loosely on myself, my brother & my sister... they'll put it together tonight!).

.... so here they are! These three OoAKies are making their debut at Schmancy this evening. If you're in Seattle, be sure to come out for the party and get your hands on some AMAZING plush from all over the world (and Baltimore). wink wink.


FuzzyMug said...

Those are awesome! I love their little faces. Good luck with the show.

Yummy and Company said...


greenstarstudio said...

the show is amazing. the opening was fantastic. more pictures and wrap up to come (on my blog)